This is Our Super Bowl, 2019              


The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show

Performance at The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2019

Taking inspiration from YouTube compilation videos such as news reporters who broadcast from the eye of a storm, near-death experiences and cyclists winning a race. The performance takes these situations into a performative situation and tries to highlight the performative nature of the events we see in our daily lives. 

The title of the piece is taken from an interview with a newscaster. When asked why they venture out into a storm they replied with "it is our super bowl'.

From this quote, the performance tries to look at what people are willing to do to try and achieve something for themselves.

The performance consists of 3 performances tied together. "Violin", "Reporter in The Wind" and "Born To Run".  Each one is a multi-media performance that consists of the performer interacting with sound, video and found objects. 

Violin tries to create tension by playing along to a compilation of near-death experiences videos with a violin. Playing a Trill till the string snaps. Reporter In The Wind following in a similar way by making the audience witness to the performer being in danger as they are seen stuck in a corner as tables and chairs are thrown at them. Whilst this is happening, they are reading out transcripts form news broadcasters. 

Born To Run tries to give a happy ending by allowing the audience to cheer as the performance recreate a cyclist winning a race 

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