Feel Free To Turn, 2019                                  


A Collaboration with Fanny Sorgo. Performed and recorded at Grabowsee, Berlin, as part of 'Globe Gallery' residency 2019

Globe Gallery, 2019

Looking at the similarity between the way an accordion works and human lungs works. During the performance, Fanny Sorgo tries to mimic the breathing of Max Lunn whilst he runs in a circle, slowing getting faster, around Fanny Sorgo. With this, Fanny produces a sound on the accordion that is influenced by the way we breathe, in accordance live with the performance. Creating an atmosphere of euphoria as the music gets faster and Max Lunn breaks into a sprint.

The audience is invited to stand in the circle with Fanny Sorgo and watch Max Lunn run like the camera captures the performance in the documentation. 

Globe Gallery is an alternative Art Gallery starting in 2013, in the middle of a derelict hospital, Heilstätte Grabowsee, 30km North of Berlin.


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